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Who are we?

Transparency is very important to you and us.
We are a hair factory founded in 2010. Before we launched CurlsCurls, we were a partner of two US local brands who offer natural hair textured clip in and wigs. Our hair products got many compliments among black women. As a hair factory, our wholesale price is very low but the brands’ retail price is much higher, up to $250+ to get a hair extension and $500+ to buy a wig.
A lot of women can’t afford it. We were considering Why not sell our hair directly to customers? After 3 months preparation, we started CurlsCurls.

Company Address:37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France

Why choose CurlsCurls?


Specialize in only curly hair.

If you are looking for expert seller of curly hair products, you are already here.
Curls are complicated. We have 10 year experience making kinky curly and afro textured hair products. We know how to create curly hair correctly. Curly hair should be mimic to your own hair, looking like it is growing from your scalp.
All of our hair are curled from root to end. It is obviously different from the common ones in the market whose root is straight.


Guaranteed hair quality.

Our products are chosen and loved by 300,000 black women in the past 10 years. They verified our quality.
All of our hair are made of virgin human hair. It can be colored, flat ironed and styled. Very long lasting. According to our customers feedback, our hair mostly last more than 6-8 months.


Very Affordable price

We make the hair and deliver to our customers directly. There is no mid-merchant to increase the retail price.


Market sensitivity and quick Innovation.

As a factory and meanwhile a merchant, we can get the newest demand information from our customers and improve the products immediately. We can also customize products for our customers. You will enjoy our one stand shopping service.