How to Care for Your Natural Hair Wigs?

CurlsCurls natural hair wig is 100% human virgin hair. All wigs look, feel and act just as your own texture.

Human hair wigs are an investment and they require the same amount of care and love that your own natural hair needs. But, it’s important to remember that not all wigs are created equal. And so,  you’re going to need to invest time and effort into keeping your human hair wig looking gorgeous and full of body.

  • Step 1

Remove hair from package and apply water until wefts are completely soaked.

  • Step 2

Apply one of our recommended gentle moisturizing cleansers by emulsifying cleanser into hand then applying to soaking wet wefts, in a downward motion, using fingers only. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

  • Step 3

Apply one of our recommended conditioners to SOAKING WET wefts.  Separate wefts from bundle, refold (if bundled for weaving installation) or separate (if bundled as clip ins) for ease of care. Finger detangle in downward motion and apply one of our recommended detangling tools to separate curls. Leave conditioner on hair for no less than 3 minutes. Rinse hair in cool water while finger detangling. DO NOT RING WATER FROM HAIR! Place on microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt. 

(NOTE: If this is your initial use of purchase STOP HERE! Hang hair and allow to drip dry.  After fully drying apply our recommended weft sealer. Move forward with previous steps and the following steps for maintenance care and styling.)

  • Step 4

On SOAKING WET hair apply one of our recommended water-soluble/water-based stylers and place on hanger and allow to dry.  ALLOW HAIR TO DRIP DRY. DO NOT RING WATER FROM WEFTS. Place household towel on floor to prevent slipping to avoid injury due to falling.

  • Step 5

Apply one of our recommended styling/sealing gels sparingly, on SOAKING WET hair if wearing wefts in a “Wash-N-Go” and hang to dry.  Please Note this step is NOT necessary if you desire a softer hold with your “Wash-N-Go” or twist/braid-out/rollerset.

More problems, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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