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2024-04-02 04:28:05
I love this hair! So smooth! It looks like my real b hair

2024-03-18 09:36:19
I'm in the military and these curls are perfect in uniform!

2024-03-18 09:34:12
Everyone says this becomes their got to product for good reason. It's confidence boosting! It's a time saver! It allows for sparks of creativity. And it is so easy to create for. This is the happy balance of low maintenance plus quick wash n go. Very happy (repeat) customer.

2024-01-05 06:44:12
Absolutely love these clip ins, very natural and easy to install, perfect for me

2023-12-26 22:16:20
Made my hair look like it grew inches, and had people thinking it was my natural hair.

2023-12-16 00:40:38
Ok, it has taken me about two years of constant YouTube video tutorials of clip ins before I was like I’m going to take a chance. OMG! There are too many different companies to choose from. Finally, I took a chance with Curls Curls and I was impressed. No one yet have been on a fence whether it’s my hair or not. The texture is so soft and blends so nicely with my hair. I did however colored my hair with henna so the color could match perfectly since my natural hair is not quite black. I didn’t color my whole head only the small amount of leave outs.

2023-11-12 16:06:27
I’ve been using these clip in for over five years now and they’re the only ones I like to use honestly. Their quality clips but also there affordable.!

2023-09-30 20:16:11
ur not gonna be disappointed amazing hair

2023-09-30 20:14:32
im glad the hair matches my actually coily kinky hair. this hair gave me confidence. this hair made me feel pretty. definitely my go to website for clip ins

2023-09-18 09:24:54
The hair is soft and the curl patterns is very good!

Nia Noelle
2023-09-13 06:01:29
Wearing 16" Normal Kinky Curly (3c/4a) clip-ins by @curlscurlsofficial . Styled by @stylesbylisa

2023-08-25 08:36:11
I had bought myself the 3c/4a clip-ins and my best friend loved it so much I got her this 4b/4c one! Her afro is popping. I absolutely love how CurlsCurls caters to all our curl patterns!

2023-08-25 08:34:54
I had bought myself the 3c/4a clip-ins and my best friend loved it so much I got her this 4b/4c one! Her afro is popping. I absolutely love how CurlsCurls caters to all our curl patterns!

2023-08-25 08:33:18
You can’t even tell the difference from my hair…thank you CurlsCurls!!!!

2023-08-25 08:32:36
It has been a year and my Clip-Ins still look new. I highly recommend them to everyone. This is a great investment.

2023-08-25 08:31:54
I have been buying these clip-ins for years and I absolutely love them!! Mostly, I use them as bangs and one can tell it’’s not my hair :) which is nice

2023-08-25 08:30:06
Hair color lighter than I expected. more blonde. But love it.

2023-08-25 08:28:56
Best hair I’ve seen so far

2023-08-25 08:28:21
This hair is really nice but you have to learn how to maintain it without brushing and combing a lot.

2023-08-25 08:27:29
This is the best hair, ordering it again.

2023-08-25 08:26:31
Good hair ! Worth the price

2023-08-25 08:25:52
The hair is soft and natural feeling. The clips are easy to use.

2023-08-25 08:24:58
This is the best curly hair I have ever purchased!!! The highlights color is so natural!! I get soooooo many compliments on this hair!!! I have had men and women of all races stop me and tell me how pretty my hair is!! The crazy thing is they all think it’s my hair!!!! It’s that good!! I researched a lot of brands before this purchase. It’s so good I purchased some for someone else so they could try it and they loved it!! The quality is A1. Just make sure to wash it and condition it according to the instructions in the package that comes with it.

2023-08-25 08:22:40
Perfect blend with my hair texture

2023-08-13 04:32:45
this is my first time trying clip ins and it was a good investment and reliable product to have. They are made from good hair and they take color well since the hair is 100% virgin

2023-07-20 17:56:49
I really like these clip ins they look just like my own hair texture. Next time I want to purchase longer ones. I ordered 12 in and a topper but with the shrinkage it’s a little shorter than I like.

2023-06-21 01:13:59
Well made and elegant. Blends beautifully

2023-04-17 19:37:19
I love my clip-ins I have to order some more it went well with my hair type can't wait to order again

2023-04-10 09:58:46
Blends really well with blown out 4c hair which worked excellently for my sew-in

2023-04-09 11:56:13
I’ve had these clip ins for 3 years and they held up well. They look just like my natural hair blown out.

2023-04-09 11:54:06
I’ve had these clip ins since 2020 and they lasted great! I used them to do a twist out and just a natural puff style.

2023-03-09 09:16:29
Let me say…..WOW!!! I LOVE The KINKY BLOWNOUT!!! They are AWESOME!!! Thank You so much for a beautiful, quality product. I will be ordering more of the Kinky Blownout Wefts within the next week or two. Probably three wefts. I simply LOVE them!!!

2023-03-08 23:26:53
Clips in were thick and full and is enough for a full head. Texture was spot on. I ordered the ombré color. The transition line of between the two colors was too blunt for my taste. If it was going to be that blunt I would have preferred the lightest color to come further up the shaft of the track so that my own leave could break up the transition line. I would purchase again, but I would only order the non-bleached clip-ins and color myself.

2023-03-06 03:14:30
Omg I cannot say enough about my clip ins!!!!! My hair is now 2 years old , yes 2 years old and they look as good as they did day one! I will be ordering more because I've cut these soooo much!!! Hair is amazing! Still soft minimum shedding and the curls are perfect!

2023-03-06 02:31:18
I have been using the hair for a really long time so some are mixtures.

2022-12-29 08:52:03
Yes ma’am, believe it or not, these are the same curls that I purchased from you guys back in 2020. My order 1 x Burmese Curly clip ins (Thick 18”) Hair Color 1b This hair is still poppppppin!

2022-12-15 09:38:00
Perfeito comprei 2 porém só um foi o suficiente obrigada.

2022-12-02 07:20:43
Omg I love my kinky curly hair ! I have done so many styles ! The shipping was really fast and the quality is amazing.

2022-11-02 03:19:38
What lovely hair. Full even thought I bought 6 tracks. I would recommend to a friend.

2022-10-21 02:42:14
The clip ins were perfect for the entire weekend!!!

2022-10-21 02:32:50
I love the product, the quality, the delivery everything was professional

2022-10-21 02:28:47
This hair is the TRUTH. I died it a shade lighter and it took the color really well and it still feels amazing. Best quality hair I've ever bought hands down.

2022-10-21 02:23:22
I love my curly clips ins everyone says they look so natural, in one bundle is definitely enough!

2022-10-21 02:14:09
18 inch, 4b-4c, 2 bundles.... Achieved natural look!

2022-10-18 03:18:54
Bigggg shoutout to y'all, I love these extensions, super versatile

2022-10-18 03:06:58
It's been a a little over year since I got these curly clips in and let me tell you how this hold up is real !

2022-08-01 07:14:30
I still use the hair I bought in 2019 and it still looks good. It's a bit different because I used it many times but it's ok. To maintain the hair I only use water and a curls activator cream then I detangle them with my fingers. I wash them every 15 days or more depending on how I use them.

2022-07-21 02:16:43
Amazing hair. Quality is extraordinary, delivery on point.... I'm super happy.... I already recommend it to all my girls and I'll also be loyal client.

2022-05-27 07:31:58
I loving this clip-ins

2022-03-26 12:58:16
The hair is great and super soft! It takes to products very well and mimics my hair. I have one set of the normal 16" 3c/4a and they're perfect for adding some volume and length to my natural hair. If you want to wear the clip-ins without leaving any of your own hair out (or just leaving out the front), I'd suggest getting the 'thick' bundle.

2022-03-25 03:01:13
I would like to thank your team for the great work you do I love the product, the quality, the delivery everything was professional And by the way - no one can tell I look better in my 40s than my 20s - can you tell? Keep up the great work!!!

2022-03-11 07:23:59
I recieved mines in about 2 1/2 weeks and I love them I ordered from this site 3 times already. This I got my length a little longer and I dyed the ends and reddish brown to match my hair and I took the color pretty well ! Everyone compliments me and it looks so natural

Michelle Goodman
2021-10-30 01:55:14
I brought this hair at least a year ago, and it still holds up great! I’ve received a lot of compliments. Multiple people assumed it was my own hair growing out of my scalp but I’ve told a few sistas that I actually got it from curlscurls and told them I found them on Instagram, so hopefully they purchase some too!

2021-09-08 06:04:21
I have, I got the regular kinky curly clip ins 3c-4a. They’re based in China. The hair is pretty good, it doesn’t have that weird smell.

Tekela Tarvin
2021-07-30 08:22:53
The kinky blown out hair is SO soft. It’s gorgeous hair and really exceeded my expectations. I was nervous because my hair is dyed blond. But I dyed it and it dyed beautifully. I plan to dye it just once more to get to a lighter shade.

Sasha lawton
2021-06-28 03:26:17
I really like it it doesn't blend with my hair color but I made it work I should have gotten it in 1b /Users/sashal/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/derivatives/E/E90541DA-C045-4939-BC26-25F246C64774_1_105_c.jpeg

Sasha lawton
2021-06-27 16:22:12
I really like it doesn’t blend as well as I”d hope but I made it work and I loved it

2021-05-17 19:59:16
I personally liked the hair and don’t feel like I wasted my money. I treated the hair like my own and it lasted well over a year. Looking forward to ordering again!

2021-03-10 16:30:04
I love this hair so much. I am buying some more so I can dye it brown. It’s very thick and doesn’t shed much

2021-02-15 22:42:05
I absolutely love these curls. I went with the 3c/4a the last time I purchased Jaír. It this time I purchased the Burmease curl patters. They look flawless and 100% like my hair. I would definitely consider ordering the thick pack for a fuller look.

Deisha Ferguson
2021-01-16 04:36:12
Love the quality of the hair. Super soft, bouncy curls. The length took me by surprise, although I did order the 12 inch clip ins, I didn't expect them to be so short. But I'm sure they will look just as good once installed!

2020-10-28 09:06:58

2020-10-28 08:55:07
The hair is great thank you. Enough hair. Love it!

2020-10-27 07:22:30

Kandice Long
2020-10-24 21:24:35
I’m in love with this hair! It is so soft! The quality is amazing. I do notice shedding but that is expected. I have been wearing this hair everyday for about 2 weeks and I love it

Dashanae Blake
2020-09-29 22:20:11
I love this hair! It lasted a long time even after bleaching and straightening it. Will be purchasing again in the future

2020-09-26 22:46:22
First clip ins I’ve bought and these are amazing so soft and the curls last for days really moisturised! And great price ! Couldn’t say a bad word about them and barely any shedding when I wash them. I recommend letting them air dry btw

2020-09-23 22:43:42
Amazing, hair quality is 5 stars!!!

lisa staine
2020-09-02 04:39:11
I bought the 12in Kinky Curly clip in 6pc. I need to purchase more hair because it's not enough. However I'm looking forward to getting the additional hair that I need. The hair is so soft and bouncy, and it looks so natural on me.......

lisa staine
2020-09-02 04:39:10
I bought the 12in Kinky Curly clip in 6pc. I need to purchase more hair because it's not enough. However I'm looking forward to getting the additional hair that I need. The hair is so soft and bouncy, and it looks so natural on me.......

Amanda Neil
2020-08-24 10:26:55
These clip ins restored my confidence since being diagnosed with alopecia. Thank you so much for helping me get back my glow.

Danielle Hallmon
2020-08-17 20:25:32
SUPER fast shipping! Beautiful hair, can’t wait to install. Thank you so much :-)

2020-08-17 16:08:42
I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE MY CLIPINS. I’ve been wearing them the whole summer. My hair matches the texture perfectly. Clip ins are versatile. People believe it’s all my hair and I don’t tell them no different lol! If you’re looking to buy... PLEASE do you won’t regret. I bought two sets for a more fuller look and so I can do the braid method and clip them onto the braids and have leave out. I LOVE IT GET IT!

Elle Ashley
2020-08-14 12:32:05
This hair is the absolute BEST kinky curly hair I've ever used! I wanted to leave a review after it's been worn for awhile and also in different styles. I've had this hair for 10 months and I wear it regularly. It still holds up so well and it seems like the more you wear it, the more natural it blends into your natural hair. My hair is a collar bone length 3c/4a type, low porosity and at the end of transitioning. These clips helped me transition beautifully and people believe its all mine (I don't tell them otherwise lol) It does shed, but thats literally ANY curly weave you get so don't read into it too much. I'd suggest getting the thick ones so when it does shed, the thickness is still there. I have a pretty big head and I cant fit all 10 pieces in, when I do its extremely full (not necessarily a bad thing) just not my style. I really hope you guys don't go anywhere or change your quality, these are so perfect and last ages! Not to mention they're priced so freaking well. I paid about $200 for mine and like i said, its still going strong after 10 months. Don't hesitate, BUY them, its sooo worth it

Amanda Bradshaw
2020-08-12 16:48:53
I absolutely adore this hair. I bought the full thick kinky clip in’s and they are ideal of my hair. I’m growing out my natural hair so the texture is perfect for me. I wet them, apply my products and clip them in and I’m good to go. The clips are so easy to pop into your protective style and you only need a little leave out. I have used the curl curls instagram for style ideas and I’m never going back. It’s my first time using clip-ins and everyone has thought it was my natural hair and given me compliments. I’ve already recommended them to a few friends and they’re definitely gonna get them too. Thank you.

Traci Thomas
2020-08-01 15:23:25
I liked the hair. It matches well with my hard to match hair. The only thing is you must keep hair moisturizer on it because it dries out but other than that i love the hair. It took to color very well. I got the thick bundle but i dont use all at the same time and its still full. I would recommend.

2020-07-31 07:48:39
I wore the Burmese curly clip ins back in March & I fell in love!! Best clip ins ever.

2020-07-18 06:01:20
I'm very happy with the hair, it looks great and matches my real hair, and the fast shipping is the icing on the cake.

2020-06-22 03:29:24
I bought the 16 inch thick hair in the color 1b and I absolutely love it! The texture matches mine almost perfectly and it looks very natural. It's great that there was an option to have it dyed to 1b as it blends in with my hair very well. Would definitely buy again and recommend it to others.

Ashley Williams
2020-06-18 21:49:11
I love these clip-ins. They matched my texture and curl pattern perfectly. My natural hair is colored so I had to dye the clip-ins to match my color and that caused the curls to loosen a little but they’re still gorgeous. Also, the thick bundle was the perfect amount. I usually have a track or two left over after styling my hair. This is my first time trying natural clip-ins. Definitely will be purchasing again.

Dalyssa Moya-Rodriguez
2020-06-18 02:54:46
I loved these clipins, were made well and have lasted me a couple of months while having daily wear. sheds quite a bit and lost a bit of texture after bleaching although i would buy again.

2020-06-17 04:21:35
I am in love with my clip-ins....people tell me that “my” hair is beautiful all the time, it’s blends so well with my natural hair. The thick bundle is more than enough, most styles, I don’t even use all 10 pieces. I’ve never ordered clip-ins before and now curls curls will now be my go to. Place your order, you won’t be disappointed

2020-06-15 07:52:18
Blended perfectly! You can't tell me this isn't my hair. I got a lot of compliments

2020-06-15 07:36:43
I received my hair and love it. the hair is amazing & matches my curl pattern perfectly

Royesha Johnson
2020-06-12 13:42:09
What I have installed here is the 16 inch Kinky Blownout Thick Bundle. This was a tricky install because it’s not as kinky as I was expecting. Instead it is soft with a texture likened unto to Indian hair. I’ve only done a rough install and nothing formal as yet. I think a normal 16 inch bundle is needed to fill the gaps in my hair completely. Order was on time and the customer service is on point. Just make sure you're home when DHL shows up! Or log in online to submit your shipment preferences. Nevertheless, it’s cute sis!

Royesha Johnson
2020-06-12 13:33:35
What I have installed here is the 14 inch Kinky Curly Thick Bundle. It is a very fun style and adds a lot of spice to my dress and wardrobe. Because I have short hair that does not fully match the texture of this product, I tend to try to leave less of my natural hair out unless it is close to the nape where my hair will not be seen as much. I also leave out hair on sides and edges to conceal wefts. Depending on the styles I’ve tried, the thick clip-ins are sometimes not enough for my hair to keep the tracks undetectable. I am going to purchase another 14 inch normal bundle in attempt to fill the gaps. I think you should give this product a shot. Live yo life sis!!

Tawnee Cannaday
2020-06-11 13:17:07
I received my kinky blowout thick bundle clip ins and I was pleasantly surprised about how good the quality is. I never thought I would have to convince people that this is NOT my hair thats how well it blends, it is perfection.

Takina Gadson
2020-06-10 01:21:18
Shipping was super fast!!! I didn’t use them but I can tell I’m gonna have fun with these match my hair perfectly.

Coka Collins
2020-06-09 23:03:45
I absolutely love this hair! It is so versatile, soft and also affordable! I love love love the clip in closure. Best invention in hair! With the clip-in closure i don't have to worry about leave out! My hair is completely protected and i look amazing! The thick bundle with the clip-in closure is more than enough to do a full head!

Shahara Pritchard
2020-06-07 17:58:03
I really like these clips-ins they blend so good with my natural hair, and the thick bundle is just right for a full head.The only con is they give me more shedding than I care to bother with but its not unbearable. I will try another bundle in the future hopefully I will get the orange satin bag:) My pics are after the hair was washed and dried and the shed after I detangled.

reanna Glover
2020-06-07 16:03:16
I love my hair clips it came fast and I love that they are friendly and was able to communicate with me every step of the way thank you!!!

Jhah C.
2020-06-06 03:45:11
I love these clip ins, they are so natural and affordable. Also,they are high quality! These are the best curly clip ins!!!

Laura Smith
2020-06-05 09:37:20
the hair is amazing & matches my curl pattern perfectly

2020-06-05 05:31:12
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE MY CLIP INS!! They blended so well with my natural hair. Definitely my favorite!!! I get lots of compliments on my hair and THEY ASSUME ITS ALL Mine!!!!!!! Yes SIS ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!

2020-06-02 20:11:06
I love these clip-ins! Way better than going to any hair supply store locally. Both the quality and quantity make it worth while. I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. It looks very natural and blends well with my own curl pattern. Can't wait to order again.

Sybil Pinkney
2020-05-30 05:15:21
OMG these natural curly clip - ins are everything so natural and blends in so well with my 3c hair...well worth the money... love love love

2020-05-29 06:25:57
This was my first purchase of curls curls hair and to start this hair came very fast I ordered on a Saturday and the hair was delivered the Friday after that which was amazing. There was no smell when I got the hair and the bundles were full. I co-washed the hair and made it into a wig. I love the curl pattern, this texture does not match my hair as I am 4b/4c but intentional got this to make a full wig with very small leave out and it still blends very well with my hair when I twist my leave out. The hair looks amazing wet and dry. I would definitely recommend this hair and will be purchasing more hair from this company.

Miesha McNeal
2020-05-26 02:15:47
Curls are is beautiful! Colored the hair and it came out great!

Na Ramzy
2020-05-15 06:21:51
Purchased for the 18in thick clip ins hair is so soft and has a nice curl pattern hair gets longer after you wash it, hair is in nice condition and not that much shedding .

Lee Herrera
2020-05-05 17:54:35
I wanted to try clip ins with a somewhat loose curl pattern that I could use for a different look. The hair quality is amazing, minimal shedding and incredibly elastic. I straightened a couple clips, then added water and voila! I will be ordering more clip-ins (hopefully soon) that are sure to match my hair exactly.

2020-05-02 15:20:29
I usually opt for curly clips-ins because it’s much easier to blend with my curly hair. This is my first time trying blow out texture and my first purchase from this brand, I love it ! I ordered the 18 inch thick bundle and it’s more than enough to cover my head. The hair is so soft and the texture mimics my real hair when it’s blow dried. Will definitely purchase from this brand again!

2020-05-02 15:18:56
I usually opt for curly clips-ins because it’s much easier to blend with my curly hair. This is my first time trying blow out texture and my first purchase from this brand, I love it ! I ordered the 18 inch thick bundle and it’s more than enough to cover my head. The hair is so soft and the texture mimics my real hair when it’s blow dried. Will definitely purchase from this brand again!

2020-04-30 09:36:31
I ordered the 14 inch kinky curly normal bundle. I absolutely love this hair. It’s soft and blends with my hair. I wish I would have ordered the thick bundle for a fuller loom because my hair is thin. I have no complaints. I will order these again

2020-04-30 09:35:25
I purchased these clips because of the texture and they are already dyed, I love the color of the ombré clip ins they are a little dry and I have to add moisture because the matte up a little. And the ends are then but other than those two things I love my clipins

2020-04-30 09:34:01
I love the hair the thick bundle was perfect. I have not tried other brands and I do not wish to. I like to stick with what works.

2020-04-30 09:32:52
Omg, I love my clip ins. I've tried another brand many years ago and did not like them. But these blend so perfect with my hair type...

2020-04-30 09:31:32
I absolutely LOVE these clip-ins. The hair is soft and looks so natural. People do not believe me when I tell them that I am wearing them! I have several ladies at my job ordering them. They are easy to use and allow me to be versatile with my styles daily! They are lightweight, don't pull on roots of my hair, yet stay in place all day! I only have good things say about this product. And let me tell you about the value, I  purchased the 10 piece. I only left out a small section of my hair to cover the final track and used 5 tracks! But I am glad I purchased the 10 piece for additional versatility if I want it in the future! I have not tried any other clio-ins and I don't need to either. Please keep making quality products!

2020-04-30 09:29:57
I love the hair! It blends in with my hair perfectly. I’ve never had extensions that match my hair texture accurately. 10pcs was more than enough. I thought it wouldn’t be, but it’s perfect. I love it!The hair is good quality. The prices are reasonable. Plus the curl pattern matches exactly with mines. I love the hair. It’s beautiful!

2020-04-30 09:28:04
Thank you so much for my clip-ins! They arrived today and I absolutely love them! I’ve installed them and am so pleased with the way they look. Thank you so much!

2020-04-30 09:25:56
I really like the clip ins, I just ordered another set.I like CurlsCurls clip ins better because it matches my hair texture better and the hair feels more manageable.

2020-04-30 09:24:52
Now that I've worn the clip ins a few times I am satisfied and they are a product I would recommend. My hair looks great and the curl pattern is kinky enough to add volume to my twist out without overtaking my real hair.

2020-04-30 00:19:50
Bye Bye WIGS!!! I am elated at what this hair can do!! It’s super natural, gorgeous and makes me look so much softer and elegant! I’m getting ready to buy 20 inches of natural kinky straight. I need to keep this hair in stock. Best natural clip/ins on the market. A must have!

2020-04-29 13:48:59
My order arrived very promptly and was packaged in a cute satin storage bag! After washing the hair without any issues, I put the clip-ins in and it matched my natural, blown-out hair perfectly! I could not tell the difference and neither could the many people that complimented me! I’ve had this hair for four months and no tangling nor major shedding has occurred! I was a customer of another company that had quality hair but was very expensive. Now that I’ve found a company that has quality and great prices, I will be a loyal customer! Keep up the great job!

Gloria Gregory
2020-04-27 19:31:51
I've been watching several videos from curls curls on YouTube, and I never tried clip ins before..... welll I am so elated to tell you that I bought Kinky Curly texture 14 in clip ins. I'm so happy, I can't wait to order more. The texture is just right for my curl pattern, and the Ombre color I've chosen looks good on me. I can't wait to try drawstring ponytail.

2020-04-27 15:55:35
I am loving this hair so much! It’s soft, the curl pattern matches my natural amazingly. It took lifting with bleach and color well. I would definitely buy from you guys again.

2020-04-23 03:41:19
These curls blend great with my curls and last a long time .

Lieketseng Noosi
2020-04-16 16:06:00
This hair is amazing. It acts just like stretched natural hair and blends really well. It's definitely an investment purchase.

2020-04-10 17:40:39
Love these clipins, can't tell where they end and my curls begin!! <3 <3

2020-04-05 18:14:35
So far I am loving this clip ins. I have had them for about 3 weeks now. They match my hair very well. I actually DM the company on instagram for a texture match and they did a great job. The only reason why I can’t give them 5 stars is because of the second time I washed them I got a lot a lot of shedding. DM the company again they told me it was normal and the next time I wash them it should be less or none. They were right the next time I washed them (last night) it was way less shedding. I do plan on order another set very soon.

2020-04-03 07:18:57
I’ve received my package and I am absolutely in love with these clippings. I’ve gotten multiple compliments on my hair and the best part is everyone believes it’s  my natural hair until I tell them. I like that the hair doesn’t shed, it’s very soft and it’s easy to install. The curling patterns are amazing!!!! I’m very very impressed and happy with my purchase.

2020-04-03 06:33:21
After receiving my order it exceeded my expectations! I was very excited about washing and installing!Minimum shedding!Bundle was extremely luscious and thick! Couldn’t ask for more! Curls Curls is top notch! I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else for my natural hair again!!

2020-04-03 06:31:25
I love them , they look even better in person.The bundles are very thick and luscious.I’ve been getting complements all the time . this is my fit time ever wearing clips and I absolutely love them.

2020-04-03 04:51:31
Loved the hair, the hair came very soft and well packaged. Had mine dyed in the shade #1b and it matched perfectly. Thank you so much, will be purchasing more.

2020-04-03 04:49:11
Loved the hair, the hair came very soft and well packaged. Had mine dyed in the shade #1b and it matched perfectly. Thank you so much, will be purchasing more.

M. Branche
2020-04-02 03:48:41
Perfect as an alternative protective style. I have a tapered TWA and these clip ins allow me to create high bun styles, asymmetrical styles or just a fuller and higher taper. So much easier to wear than a wig and they look more like your natural hair. The wefts are thin and blend in easily. The quality of the hair is A+ with no shedding even when brushed while wet. The curls are very defined and hold up well. I sleep in my pieces as I have a tapered style and the clips hold the pieces perfectly. My hair underneath is not braided. I twist the clip ins with my natural hair and that's it. Will purchase the Kinky Curly texture next as I have cut the Naturally Curly pieces to fit my TWA length. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!

2020-04-01 09:59:59
This hair blends very perfectly with my 4c/b natural hair after I naturally stretch it. The hair is very easy to work with, the clip ins are easy to apply and I have not noticed a lot of shedding. I only style the hair twice per week so it saves me time when going to work in the morning. This is a great protective style or just use to add volume if needed. If you are in the fence - I say but it and you will not regret it. I have already purchased it three times now. Shipping wait now is about a week. Not bad at all.

2020-03-31 18:25:11
I really love these hair clips. It matches my hair texture perfectly. Customer service is superb. Will definitely buy again.

Michelle Huff
2020-03-30 12:03:33
I love these clip ins! The hair is beautifil, it matches my curl pattern perfectly and its affordable. I've been wearing these clip ins for 9 months and they are still gorgeous. I also ordered kinky curly clip ins to mix it up a bit. many compliments! Look no further. Go ahead and place your order. You will not be dissapointed!

2020-03-30 01:13:00
This hair matches mine perfectly. No one knows it isn't all mine. My hair grows out not down so wearing this hair is really easy. Easy to install and I can let my hair grow while wearing these clip-ins. Thank you CurlsCurls.

2020-03-29 05:49:32
I love these clip-ins so much. They match my hair texture so perfectly and with them being clip-ins they are so easy to play with and try new styles. I always get compliments on them with people believing it's my real hair. Definitely want to order more and try adding some color to them this go round. My only problem is there is a chemical smell to them theft can last for a long time.

Rayne Carpenter
2020-03-28 18:40:54
Received my hair about a month ago, and I love it. It matches my hair very well and I would most definitely order again.

Terrikka Lincoln
2020-03-24 02:05:01
Love, love, loved it! I knew it was going to have shrinkage; which is why I ordered the 20 inches, but its a nice type of shrinkage with gorgeous curls and bounce to it. I haven't added any heat to it yet. I've done a roller set on it and twist out and they've been turned out jaw droppingly gorgeous. They hair itself is perfect and exactly as described. Thank you.

Daverney Freeman
2020-03-20 01:26:32
I love the hair and it's very easy to maintain and create styles. I will definitely recommend this company.

2020-03-19 06:08:00
These are by far the best clip-ins I’ve ever purchased. I’ve been shopping around for quite some time and stumbled upon these clip-ins. The matched my hair texture perfectly. I have very thick hair so I purchased 2 normal packs. That definitely was enough hair. I’ll be dying them next. I definitely recommend these clip-ins.

2020-03-18 09:20:07
I just received my package. Packed was sealed, in the orange satin bag. I'm so excited to have the hair so i can wear my own hair out. I loooooove the hair and thanks again for quick delivery.It matches my hair it very wouldn't believe how it looks just like my hair. Didn't have to do anything to it. Love you CurlsCurls

2020-03-18 09:17:58
I love my clip ins.The normal bundle is enough for my head.This is my first time purchasing clip ins.I love how I look in them and have gotten so many compliments on my hair with them in.

2020-03-18 09:16:00
I love the curls curls clip ins. This was my first time buying curly clip ins to match my natural hair and I am so amazed at how seamlessly they blend with my hair texture. The quality of hair is amazing and soft.The thick bundle was enough for a full head of hair.

2020-03-18 09:14:37
I think the clip ins are nice. It was but could have been a tad bit thicker you all clipins do not hurt like clipins from the other company.

2020-03-18 09:13:11
I love the hair. Will recommend it to my friends!

2020-03-17 06:59:56
Love them they look great ,Normal is not enough but I made it work for me.

2020-03-17 06:56:25
I’m really loving the hair but they do she’s a little.The normal bundle was just enough for me with just a little bit of finessing. These are the first clips in I’ve ever purchased and I love them

2020-03-17 06:55:11
Love the packaging and the step-by-step pamphlet.It's full, I only need one pack, and the natural color blends great with my hair color.

2020-03-17 06:48:58
Absolutely love it so far!!Best clip ins I've ever worn. The hair is very much like my own hair so it blends with minimal effort.

2020-03-08 21:29:19
Purchased for microlinks. Hair blended perfectly with natural curl pattern. Minimum shedding due to wefts being cut. Great for adding thickness! Perfect for my needs due to bring natural w/ routine workouts!

2020-03-08 18:46:00
This 4C hair is AMAZING. I have had it going on 2 months and wear it down almost everyday. I got 2 regular density 20inch bundles and I only used 1 and a half. With the other half, I used 2 rows to do a bun for a couple of days. I have not needed to wash the clipins that I wear down but I did need to wash the 2 rows I used to make a bun due to gel and stretching. Shedding was minimal and the curl went back with curl gel and an air dry. I previously had another brand and it was horrible. It shedded every wash and by 3 or 4 washes, the hair was too thin to even wear. That's when I tried Curls Curls.

Tawanda Johnson
2020-02-27 23:00:42
I'm truly enjoying my kinky 3c/4a clip ins, very beautiful texture,soft still after wearing on &off for a month now, i ordered 16in and was true to length with minimal shedding, I will be ordering again soon, can't wait to try curls curls beautifully textured wigs, I highly recommend.

Dawn Halsey
2020-02-16 16:49:57
Love these clip ins. Best thing next to wigs. Received many compliments on my hair. A lot of people thought it was my own. Very close to my hair texture. Only wish that I brought 2 bundles instead of one. Will be purchasing again

Angel Bradshaw
2020-01-30 23:14:43
It did take a bit longer than I anticipated but I absolutely love my 18" thick bundle clip-ins. The texture and natural color matches perfectly with my type 4 thick hair. I will definitely buy another set at at different length to add layers.

2020-01-21 08:56:32
Thank you for the beautiful hair, I’m just a bit disappointed by the normal volume, I should by the thick volume

2020-01-21 08:54:44
Awesome, thank you so much! I love the clip ins!!!!

2020-01-21 08:53:33
I really like the hair I got a lot of compliments on it I bought the kinky curly 12inch one and the hair just looked so natural and it matched my hair texture

Norah B
2020-01-10 14:13:06
I placed my order over the BF sale. My hair arrived and I was pleased with the packaging. I would've appreciated it if there was an invoice for my order. My package only included the hair and a card with hair maintenance/instructions. I ordered the 18" for when I'm out on the town. It matches perfectly with my blown-out type 4 hair. I want to purchase another at my normal hair length for the weekdays. I would also like if they sold their clip-ins sets with mixed lengths otherwise I wouldn't change anything else!

2019-12-31 07:15:18
Feeling my hair!!!So natural... amazing!!!

2019-12-31 07:12:05
I am so happy with texture it matches perfectly. unfortunately it was enough I still use them but I should have picked thick. other than that they are wonderful.

2019-12-31 07:10:34
I finally received my clip ins last week and I am very happy with them and the thick bundle is perfect. These are my first clip ins ever. I chose to go with yours after looking into serval other companies. I am glad I chose you. Thank you.

2019-12-26 08:30:20
I absolutely love the clip in , I have worn them everyday since I received them, I have tried different styles and fall in love all over again. The only down fall is the shedding its not horrible but I did find that it got a little worse when I applied heat , I haven't tried any other brand but I dont need to this was more then enough, I'm glad I chose the thick bundle.  I will definitely be ordering again, I want to try a different texture just to have more options . One thing I will say is EVERYONE I MEAN EVERYONE  thinks this is my hair, it blends so well. 

2019-12-26 08:22:17
Everything is fine. I loved them. They look just like my real hair. It makes my styles fuller. This is my first time wearing clip ins. I'm gonna purchase again soon for my mom and sisters.

2019-12-26 08:20:23
I have purchased 3 Afro kinky wigs and 1 thick bundle. I like your hair. I believe it is a good value for the money. It has lasted me much longer. Not as much shedding of my wig. I believe your company,I will continue to purchase clip ins and wigs from Curls Curls.

2019-12-26 08:15:59
I love my CurlsCurls clipins. They are so nice ,live it

2019-12-26 08:07:58
for my 15 yr. old daughter. She has been looking for some hair clips for awhile, and she thought that Curls Curls was a great option. She loves the hair, she said it's the right's perfect! This is the first time we purchased hair clips, but I have to say she went with the right choice.

2019-12-26 08:06:22
better quality hair.Your hair is more affordable but the hair, and u liked the thicker length but the hair started to a little matte up during wash the same week i bought it.

2019-12-26 08:03:23
I loved them. They match my hair texture really well. I didn't think it would be after placing my order but when I received and installed the clip-ins, it was more than enough. The way it was able to match my texture unlike the previous curly clip-ins I've purchased.

2019-11-22 10:18:25
I was impressed with everything about these products... curl patterns, versatility, hair care guidelines, and definitely be prices.

2019-11-08 08:59:18
 it’s beautiful!! Thank you so much. My own hair texture is abit looser than the extensions but it’s barely noticeable.

2019-11-08 08:45:48
Despite the delay with receiving the package, I love love my kinky curly 14"" clipins thanksss

2019-11-08 08:44:05
I bleached the hair and matched it to mine and wore it to prom!!! It looked stunning!

2019-11-08 08:41:46
I appreciate curls curls sooo much this is amazing quality hair I am loving it so much.The hair is amazing.

2019-11-08 08:40:40
I’m loving these clip ins!! 3C-4A 18in.I LOVED IT IT BLENDS SOO GOOD

2019-11-08 08:38:59
I love my hair!They are soo nice and sooo natural!!

2019-11-08 08:37:16
I love these clip ins!!!Omg 10 thick ,gave me the natural puffy hair I wanted

2019-11-08 08:34:39
I so love it!Perfect!!! they match my hair ,so natural!!!

2019-11-08 08:32:32
I was originally gonna order from another popular hair extension company, but they’re kinda expensive ... so I did more research. I don’t think I found 1 bad review about you guys ... if I did , it was either overlooked based on the more positive reviews or it was a substantial negative review . The curl pattern looked to match my hair but it’s actually a little more curly than I would have though, but it’s okay I guess

2019-11-08 08:30:32
I love my Clip-ins they match my hair perfectly. Everyone thinks that this is my natural hair.

2019-11-08 08:29:12
The clip in work nicely for two braids. I’ve conditioned over night which made a difference.

2019-11-08 08:27:13
 I love my clip-ins so much, they’re absolutely amazing and so easy to use.

2019-11-08 08:25:53
They are very pretty curls and i really like it,so natural!!!!!!!

2019-11-08 07:45:49
I really enjoy these clip-ins, they are extremely versatile and the perfect amount. I have never purchased any clip-ins before. Normally I would just buy the bundles of hair and sew the clips on to it myself but this was much more convenient. I had a good experience with the hair. Thank you again!

2019-11-08 07:24:47
I absolutely love my natural curly clips- ins!! The thickness of each weft is perfect and the clips are steady. Everywhere I go I receive several compliments on my hair. I've told so many people about your business and will definitely be ordering the 20inch to review on my channel. Thank you for providing high quality products for affordable prices.

2019-11-07 07:07:09
I really loved my 18” clip ins, I had very little to no shedding from my clip ins!!

2019-11-07 07:05:49
The clip-ins I received were great quality!!! I did not have any issues with them.

2019-11-07 06:43:19
I enjoyed using the clip ins. The quality of your clip ins are good and price wise. You are SOOO competitive!

2019-09-08 05:03:29
I have mostly type 4c with a little 4b/4c hair. I bought the 18 inch thick bundle of kinky curly. I bought while a sale was going on and there was a delay. BUT, customer service was really nice and prompt about delivery and I received my order within the time frame I was given. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to blend but after a few youtube videos on blending techniques and styling I was able to blend perfectly. I got SO many compliments from men and women. This is some really great hair! I want to order more!

alexis jones
2019-08-15 23:46:19
I ordered the hair on a Monday and it arrived on Thursday. Shipping was quick. Once the hair arrived it was in great condition even after being worn for a week. I didnt experince any issues wth this hair and would definitely recommend it.

Colombe K
2019-07-24 13:57:20
This hair is perfect, so soft and really natural it blend perfectly with my hair.

Jenise Weeks
2019-07-16 18:32:10
Omg I'm so shook i love the kinky curls clip in thick bundle omg so beautiful I'm never going back

2019-07-05 09:44:15
I test this affordable clip-ins to see if the quality is at the rendezvous. And the final look is amazing! This blending is totally a game changer

2019-06-06 07:30:18

2019-06-06 07:19:50
This style was so bomb! No Edit. No Filter. So you know it’s real.

2019-05-22 05:56:02
4C HAIR QUEENS, WE HAVE OPTIONS!! Big, thickkkk #naturalhair bursting with texture. Of course it's oh SO BEAUTIFUL! I ditched the wigs & went with #kinkycurly clipins from @curlscurlsofficial. I'm IN LOVE

2019-05-22 05:50:21
I go from short to long in under 5 mins with these natural clipins from Also styled it in a sleep ponytail and bun.